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If you think you know Pilates, think again.


At Movement Refined, we believe in challenge without compromise.
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, our online Pilates instruction
will help you strengthen both body and mind.




Change your body,
claim your life.




“Not only has Colleene changed my body, she’s changed my life. Even as a competitive 3-sport athlete, I never felt as strong and connected as I do today. Colleene’s expertise and passion are second-to-none, and I am inspired every time I enter her studio.”

~ Katrina



“My body feels healthier and stronger after every workout.”

~ Chris


“Pilates is a game changer for me. I am leaner, stronger, and more flexible, which helps me combat the stresses and pressures of everyday life.”

~ Gabrielle Mancy



“Pilates has changed my life and Colleene has been a constant inspiration in my journey to take back my health.”

~ Loretta Perez


“I have known Colleene since 2001 and love working with her. She teaches with passion, precision and integrity. Completely committed to her craft, she wants her clients to achieve physically that which without her would not be possible. Highly recommend.”

~ Laura Jajko


“Pilates has changed the way we view exercise forever. My husband began Pilates to help alleviate chronic and extreme back pain. After just a few weeks of Pilates with Colleene, he was pain free. I’ve also had two knee surgeries, and Colleene’s expertise helped me to regain full function and live pain free.”

~ Tina and Rob Black


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