Too pretty. Too soft. Too easy. Only for women. Only for dancers. Only for show.

This is how the Pilates industry is currently understood and represented.

And here at Movement Refined is where the collective shift begins.

Pilates, founded by boxer and athlete, Joseph Pilates, is a complete and corrective system of exercise designed to strengthen the body – especially the core, or the “Powerhouse” – and increase flexibility, muscle tone, and brain function.

But that’s just the beginning. Pilates also creates the opportunity for better sex, improved confidence, and decreased illness. In fact, the benefits of Pilates are endless… and the potential clientele, unlimited.

Pilates is not just for dancers or elite athletes – it’s for everyone. No matter what your fitness or health level, there are benefits waiting for you. And you can do Pilates anytime, anywhere.

Are you ready to shift the dynamic with us? Because we’re ready for you. Become a Movement Refined member and check out our online Pilates workout videos.

Grab your one and only life now…today. There’s no better time.


Using Pilates To Treat Back Pain: Strong Back. No Pain.