One of the most sought after and satisfying benefits of Pilates is the treatment and elimination of back pain. There are as many reasons for back pain as there are people who suffer from it – compressed lumbar spine, misaligned spine, sciatica…the list goes on and on.

But Pilates exercises help align the spine from the cervical to the lumber, as well as the hips. They also teach the strengthened abdominal muscles how to hold the spine correctly to alleviate stress and increase balance.

The abdominal muscles are key. Because they hold the spine in place, they should simulate the same design as the spine and hips. Pilates ensures everything is in alignment and working together for maximum strength and stability. Fluid and supported movement helps prevent unnecessary torque on the vertebral column.

Pilates also teaches awareness of body movement habits that may stress the spine. With increased awareness, the body can perform with maximum efficiency.

If you’re suffering from back pain, I can help. Let’s get you tall, straight, and strong.


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